Yahoo to Re-design its Main Page

Randomly chosen visitors to Yahoo’s website will soon be helping the web giant re-design its main page.

Those picked will give feedback to Yahoo about the different ways that information and applications can be presented to regular users.

The company hopes the revamp will boost the number of people that visit the page and improve advertising revenues.

Yahoo claims that its homepage is the most heavily trafficked on the web with more than 300 million visitors a month.

Yahoo New Design

New Yahoo Frontpage by you.

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Prediction of the Centuary “Gorgeous Governor Sarah Palin Zardari”‏

Asif Ali Zardari Picture

Gorgeous Sarah Palin And Asif Ali Zardari ..... Can You Expect This From A Muslim Especially Pakistani President ? by linkadnan
According to the Latest report in the New York Times, a famous astrologist has Made these Predictions:
Sarah Palin will divorce her husband and will marry Asif Zardai.
Then Palin will be elected Vice President of USA.
President McCain will die of old age and natural causes.
Palin will become President of the USA.
After Palin gets killed by an unknown group of Al Qaida/Taliban, her last will and testament
will be discovered by her husband Zardari.
She will will say “Zardari will inherit my Presidency after my death’.
Zardari will become the next President of the USA.
Eventually, Bilawal will again change his name to BILAWAL PALIN ZARDARI.