PAKISTAN/USA: A Pakistani lady doctor remains missing with her three children five years after her arrest ISSUES: Disappearance; rape; violence against women; torture; right to liberty and security; arbitrary arrest and detention

Dear friends,

We have received information that Dr. Afia Siddiqui, was arrested along with her three children by a Pakistani intelligence agency in early 2003 and has been missing since then. American and Pakistani intelligence agencies confirmed that she had been arrested in connection with Al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization run by Osama Bin Laden. However, later both agencies denied that she had been arrested. Dr. Afia’s whereabouts remain unknown but it is suspected that she is being held in an American detention centre.


Dr. Afia Siddiqui left her mother’s house in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Sindh province, along with her three children, in a Metro-cab on March 30, 2003 to catch a flight for Rawalpindi, Punjab province, but never reached the airport. The press reports claimed that Dr. Afia had been picked-up by Pakistani intelligence agencies while on her way to the airport and initial reports suggested that she was handed over to the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). At the time of her arrest she was 30 years and the mother of three sons the oldest of which was four and the youngest only one month.

A few days later an American news channel, NBC, reported that Afia had been arrested in Pakistan on suspicion of facilitating money transfers for terror networks of Osama Bin Laden. The mother of the victim, Mrs. Ismat (who has since passed away) termed the NBC report absurd. She went on to say that Dr. Afia is a neurological scientist and has been living with her husband, Amjad, in the USA for several years.

On April 1, 2003, a small news item was published in an Urdu daily with reference to a press conference of the then Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat. When questioned with regard to Dr. Afia’s arrest he denied that she had been arrested. This was followed by another Urdu daily article on April 2 regarding another press conference in which the same minister said Dr. Afia was connected to Al Qaeda and that she had not been arrested as she was absconding. He added: “You will be astonished to know about the activities of Dr. Afia” A Monthly English magazine of Karachi in a special coverage on Dr. Afia reported that one week after her disappearance, a plain clothed intelligence went to her mother’s house and warned her, “We know that you are connected to higher-ups but do not make an issue out of your daughter’s disappearance.” According to the report the mother was threatened her with ‘dire consequences’ if she made a fuss.

Whilst Dr. Afia’s whereabouts remain unknown, there are reports of a woman called ‘Prisoner 650′ is being detained in Afghanistan’s Bagram prison and that she has been tortured to the point where she has lost her mind. Britain’s Lord Nazeer Ahmed, (of the House of Lords), asked questions in the House about the condition of Prisoner 650 who, according to him is physically tortured and continuously raped by the officers at prison. Lord Nazeer has also submitted that Prisoner 650 has no separate toilet facilities and has to attend to her bathing and movements in full view of the other prisoners.

Also, on July 6, 2008 a British journalist, Yvonne Ridley, called for help for a Pakistani woman she believes has been held in isolation by the Americans in their Bagram detention centre in Afghanistan, for over four years. “I call her the ‘grey lady’ because she is almost a ghost, a spectre whose cries and screams continues to haunt those who heard her,” Ms Ridley said at a press conference.

Ms Ridley, who went to Pakistan to appeal for help, said the case came to her attention when she read the book, The Enemy Combatant, by a former Guantanamo detainee, Moazzam Begg. After being seized in February 2002 in Islamabad, Mr Begg was held in detention centres in Kandahar and Bagram for about a year before he was transferred to Guantanamo Bay. He recounted his experiences in the book after his release in 2005. Mr. Imran Khan, leader of Justice Party (T.I) suspects that prisoner 650 is the Dr. Afia Siddiqui and USA and Pakistani authorities are hiding facts of ‘Prisoner 650′.

To date, neither the American nor the Pakistani government have come out about the arrest and detention of Dr. Afia in either Bagram or Guantanamo Bay where suspected terrorists are held. On December 30, 2003 Dr. Fawzia Siddiqui, Dr. Afia’s elder sister met with Mr Faisal Saleh Hayat at Islamabad with Mr Ejazul Haq, MNA, regarding the whereabouts of Dr. Afiai. Mr Faisal told Dr. Fawzia and Mr Ejazul Haq that according to his information Dr. Afia Siddiqui had already been released and that she (Dr. Fawzia) should go home and wait for a phone call from her sister.


Dr. Afia Siddiqui, who studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US, for about 10 years and did her PhD in genetics, returned to Pakistan in 2002. Having failed to get a suitable job, she again visited the US on a valid visa in February 2003 to search for a job and to submit an application to the US immigration authorities. She moved there freely and came back to Karachi by the end of February 2003 after renting a post office box in her name in Maryland for the receipt of her mail. It has been claimed by the FBI (Newsweek International, June 23, 2003, issue) that the box was hired for one Mr Majid Khan, an alleged member of Al Qaeda residing in Baltimore.

Throughout March 2003 flashes of the particulars of Dr. Afia were telecast with her photo on American TV channels and radios painting her as a dangerous Al Qaeda person needed by the FBI for interrogation. On learning of the FBI campaign against her she went underground in Karachi and remained so till her kidnapping. The June 23, 2003, issue of Newsweek International was exclusively devoted to Al Qaeda. The core of the issue was an article “Al Qaeda’s Network in America”. The article has three photographs of so-called Al Qaeda members – Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, Dr. Afia Siddiqui and Ali S. Al Marri of Qatar who has studied in the US like Dr. Siddiqui and had long since returned to his homeland. In this article, which has been authored by eight journalists who had access to FBI records, the only charge leveled against Dr. Afia is that “she rented a post-office box to help a former resident of Baltimore named Majid Khan (alleged Al Qaeda suspect) to help establish his US identity.

Please write to the relevant authorities listed below and request them to investigate immediately. Dr. Afia’s whereabouts must be confirmed and the safety of her children assured. Regardless of whether Dr. Afia is Prisoner 650 or not the fact is that she has been missing, along with her children for five years. The governments of the USA and Pakistan at first confirmed her arrest and then denied it. Both governments have a duty to report any information they might have on the matter.

Please be informed that the AHRC has also written separate letter to the Special Rapporteurs on the Question of Torture, Violence against Women and the UN Working Groups on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances and on arbitrary detention calling for their intervention in this case.

SAMPLE LETTER: Dear________,  

PAKISTAN/USA: A lady doctor is missing with her three children since five years after her arrest

Name of victim: Ms. Dr. Afia Siddiqui and her three children
Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Sindh province
The units of the alleged perpetrators: Intelligence agencies of Pakistan and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI-US)

I am shocked to know that Dr. Afia Siddiqui, a Pakistani citizen has been missing with her three children since April 2003, after her arrest by intelligence agencies of Pakistan. The whereabouts of children is also unknown, which is a serious act of negligence on the part of the government with regard to its responsibility to protect the citizen of the Pakistan.

According to the information I have received Dr. Afia was picked-up by Pakistani intelligence agencies while on her way to the airport and initial reports suggested that she was handed over to the American FBI. A few days later an American news channel, NBC, reported that Afia had been arrested in Pakistan on suspicion of facilitating money transfers for terror networks of Osama Bin Laden.

On April 1, 2003, a small news item was published in an Urdu daily with reference to a press conference of then Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat when, in reply to a question regarding the arrest of Dr. Siddiqui, he said she has not been arrested. But in another report the minister for interior said,”You will be astonished to know about the activities of Dr. Afia.” A weekly English magazine in its special coverage on Dr. Afia reported that after one week of the incident, an intelligence agency official, a motor cyclist in plain clothes, came to the house of her mother and warned “We know that you are connected to higher-ups but do not make an issue out of her daughter’s disappearance” and threatened her with dire consequences. After this development the whereabouts of Dr. Afia and her children are yet unknown.

What is also of grave concern to me is that when she was arrested by Pakistani intelligence authorities she was handed over to American intelligence agencies without being tried in Pakistan, I do not find any rationale in sending her along with her children to other country when there are Pakistani laws to deal with the suspected terrorists. It is known that President Musharraf handed over 600 suspected terrorists to America.

There are reports that in Afghanistan’s prison of Bagram there is a woman prison known as Prisoner 650 and that she has been severely tortured. It is also widely suspected that Prisoner 650 is Dr. Afia Siddiqui. This prisoner has reportedly lost her mind due to constant rape and ill treatment.

I remind you that this is the duty of coalition government under Prime Minister Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani to probe cases of those Pakistani suspected terrorists who have been handed over to foreign forces in the name of war on terror. The government should also inform Pakistani citizens about the whereabouts of Dr. Afia Siddiqui and her children. I also demand that government should also ensure the safety of her children.

Yours sincerely,


Allied Joint Force Command
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Public Affirs office, P.O. BOX 270
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2. Mr. George W. Bush
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3. Mr. Hamid Karzai
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Geo TV’s Dr. Shahid Masood Got His Price

Geo TV’s Dr. Shahid Masood Got His Price


Some years ago, I wrote, ‘In Pakistan, every politician goes to bed at night with the dream that he would wake up next morning as the Prime Minister.’

Similarly, I’d say today that, ‘Every journalist in Pakistan goes to bed every night with the thought that he would wake up next morning as the Information Minister or as Chairman of the Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV).

Not only I repeated my above statement over the years but Pakistan’s 60 years history is witness that these two classes of Pakistan (Politicians & Journalists) have proved that I was right.

In fact, Pakistan is a weird country. In many ways it is different than almost any other country in the world. You can find the dirtiest and the ugliest people in Pakistan. You can find the most conscienceless, dheet, beghairat, the greediest and the most corrupt people in Pakistan. The unique quality of the Pakistani people is that, ‘every single ************ has a price’. The only thing needed is that you have the money to buy him!

Dr. Shahid Masood, who basically has a background of National Students Federation (NSF of People’s Party) is a failed surgeon by profession. He got attracted some 7-8 years ago toward journalism. His thinking was that journalism brings in a lot of money. He remained with ARY ONE WORLD and then joined GEO TV.

In Pakistani politics, if you want to succeed or you want to grow and reach some top government position or you want to make lots of money, you have to abuse, curse and shoot at the government, the military, and the Establishment or give a big shit to the United States (what Imran Khan, Aitzaz Ahsan, Mirza Aslam Baig, Hameed Gul, Talat Hussain, Nusrat Javed (Aaj TV), Hamid Mir (Geo), Dr. Shahid Masood (ex-Geo now PTV) are doing and did.

The present Pakistani ambassador to the U.S., Hussain Haqqani, Q-League Information Secretary Mushahid Hussain and the recently appointed Dr. Shahid Masood as Chairman of PTV are some the Beghairats (conscienceless) ************s who rose from journalism and reached to lucrative positions.

I am sure few more like Kamran Khan, Hamid Mir, Talat Hussain, Ansar Abbasi are also dreaming about waking up one fine morning to get some good news from Zardari.

But my question to these freaks is this: Why don’t you learn a lesson from Benazir Bhutto, Z. A. Bhutto, Indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi, Ziaul Haque, Sheikh Mujeeb Ur Rehman, Idi Amin, Shah of Iran and many others who. Despite hundreds of millions of dollars died miserably. Not only these new wannabes are deepening their graves while they are alive but would leave hell for their children and survivors.

Congratulations Dr. Shahid Masood. But be assured that your position is connected to Asif Zardari and Peoples Party. The life of PPP is not too long and I suggest you book your house in Dubai or London in advance so that when you are dismissed from PTV by the next government, you won’t be able to have a program like “Terey Mutabiq”!

Shame on you. You were delivering sermons and lectures against the government and fell in the lap of the same government, Zardari and Rehman Malik, just for the sake of money and post to kiss their backs and lick their boots.

I would suggest to the others, Talat Hussain, Nusrat Javed, Hamid Mir, Kamran Khan and Ansar Abbasi to learn a lesson from Dr. Shahid.


* Asif Zardari & Nawaz Sharif will soon run away from Pakistan.

* Auction ! Auction ! Auction !

Dr. Shahid Masood of Geo TV For Sale

PRICE: Needs To Be Bezamir & Beghairat


BUYER: Asif Ali Zardari For PTV

* This is not a ‘Bhutto Legacy’ but a ‘Bhutto Nausea’ & ‘Bhutto Bubble’ which will soon fizzle out. Just watch the TV screens any moment of the day from the time you wake up in the morning and until the time you go to bed at night. You’ll hear nothing these days except the same old crap of “BHUTTOS”, Jeeyay Bhutto, Jeeyay Benazir, Bhutto Zinda Hai, Shaheed Bhuttos, Bhuttos did this, Bhuttos did that. Country resources, state properties, state authorities are being spent on personal agendas as this is NOT Pakistan but Bhutto Estate! SCREW THIS POLITICS OF DEAD BODIES, ZARDARI! PUT SOME HAIR ON YOUR CHEST. BE A MAN AND DO YOUR OWN POLITICS, A******!

* I wish for a Martial Law that would eradicate this nam nihad jamhooriat forever and kill at least 50,000 people, mostly, ex-servicemen, Chaudhries, Bhuttos, judges and all the other infiltrators and thugs who have held 160 million people of Pakistan for 60 years!

* The country is virtually at the verge of civil war, bloodshed, bankruptcy, destruction and at a position of getting ATTACKED by India, Israel and the United States, and all these people are thinking about is their self interest.

* When there is no Pakistan, where would you do your politics Zardari, Nawazoo, Aitezazoo, Iffi Chaudhry, Gul Bulbul and other jerks…?

* The destruction of this country would go in the account of private TVs, journalists, judges and all others who are pushing this country towards a point of NO RETURN!


Salman Mansoor

Abdullah Yousaf Chairman CBR Dancing With Pervaiz Mushraf

Abdullah Yousaf Chairman CBR Dancing With Pervaiz Mushraf

All The Contact Number of PPP TOP LeaderShip Including Benazir Bhutto

All The Contact Number of PPP TOP LeaderShip Including Benazir Bhutto

Following is the contact information for Pakistan Peoples Party that we have gathered from the Internet.

Ms Sherry Rehman
Information Minister
051-9224129, 021-5834663-4, 0300-8222881, Personal Mobile: 0300-5001420
E-mail: centralinformationsecretary@gmail.com

Mr. Babar Awan
051-2823778, 2276540,
0320-4265000, Personal Mobile: 0300-5000161
E-mail: drbabarawan@hotmail.com

Mr. Farhatullah Babar
Assistant to Mohtarma
Personal Mobile 0300-8552543

Senator Mohammad Enver Baig
Tel: 2206778, Mobile: 0300-8542308; Fax: 2201107
E-mail: manpower@isb.apollo.net.pk

Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto
051-2282781, 2255264, Fax 2282741
Personal Mobile (old number) 0300-5000001 (might not be available on
this but her secretary Awan will probably be.)

E-mail: ppp@comsats.net.pk

Makhdoom Amin Fahim
Vice Chairman

021-5842140, 0228-31199, 051-2840588,

E-mail: csppp@comsats.net.pk

Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani
Vice Chairman
061-542424, 0300-8448141, 8730662; 042-5723234.
E-mail : makhdoomyrgillani@hotmail.com

Mr. Jehangir Bader
Secretary General
0300-8470402; 051-2276014, Fax 051-2276016.

E-mail: bader@brain.net.pk

Mian Raza Rabbani
Deputy Secretary General
021-5865841-2, 0300-9291624, 051-9223854.

E-mail: rrabbani@cyber.net.pk

Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi
Deputy Secretary General and President PPP Punjab
061-4514666, 042-5712289, 0300-8634453,

E-mail: smhq148@hotmail.com

Mr. Sajjad Bokhari
Deputy Information Secretary
Tel: 042-63714559, 0300-8446754,

E-mail: pppintl@lhr.paknet.com.pk

Mr. Babar Awan
051-2823778, 2276540,
0320-4265000 Personal Mobile: 0300-5000141
E-mail: drbabarawan@hotmail.com

Central Secretariat
Pakistan Peoples Party
E-mail: csppp@comsats.net.pk
Tel: (92-51) 2276014-5