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Terrorists Killing Pakistanis With Indian / American Weapons

Finally, the military admits what Pakistan’s pro-U.S. government has been hiding for months. The weapons that the terrorists – the fake Pakistani Taliban – are using to kill Pakistanis are coming from U.S. and India. Some members of the Karzai puppet regime have privately confirmed to Pakistani officials that they are incapable of stopping Indian terrorist activities on Afghan soil. Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING NEWS: Indian Terrorists Behind Attack on Sri Lankan Cricketers in Lahore – Updated!

Terror struck at the heart of cricket when masked gunmen attacked the bus carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team to the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

Sources within the security establishment had been aware of an imminent attack being planned by Research & Analysis Wing – India’s premier intelligence agency. Read the rest of this entry »

Alex Jones American Analyst Exposing Mumbai Attacks

Mumbai Attacks proven by Pakistani media as Indian attempt to their own 9/11 on the eve of the Indian elections to help increase the Hindu Extremist Party BJP’s vote and to help put Pakistan under pressure on both sides of the border and to divert the blame to Pakistan to Unite India and further put Muslims under pressure. Indian media is the sole provider of the unauthentic proof provided as According to the Global Police Agency they have not released acutal credible proof. Interestingly, if you note the 3 Indian officers that were resisting this attack on Mumbai and were against the BJP get killed right after the attacks. If indian security is so pathetic that 10 Pakistani villagers can come in and invade the largest city then how safe are the Indian Nuclear Weapons. Clear evidence shows by private indian channels and scholars that identify RAW (Indian group extremist) group involvement and RSS. Witness claim that the terrorist did not look muslims and some of the operatives looked white skinned suggesting Isreali and US involvement in this scandel to frame Pakistan and make them in war with India that would destroy the entire South Asia Including India. The hindu extremist have been arrested in Islambad and Lahore undercover funding and making terrorists to fight and spread terrorism in Pakistan. It obvious as US promised they Need a war with the rising India and China they need a war to stabilize there growth to help US economy and bombard the oil reserves to be invested in the Future. In the Samjotha Express Indian railway incident the Indian operative was caught trying to frame Pakistan by Indian officials. There is footage evidence showing Indian media talking to terrorists as well. Indian doctors have claimed that the terrorist were mutilated so that their identity is not recognized as in one victim there were 2 bullets right in both eyes perfectly and other parts of the body. Javed Akhtar Bollywood Actor and political Indian figure has accused the HIndu BJP party that believe in the Hindu cast system and are purely involved in this game. I mean Pakistan army is already suffering casualties on regular basis why would they support these groups what is in their interest? Nothing it will only further put them under pressure and cause them to move towards miltary rule as before they have just developed a Civilian government this is the last thing they would want. whereas, in India the truth is coming out that India was involved by Indian media is put to task to spread hate and cover up this game. I mean look at Pakistani government they never denied it or accepted it they put more money into investigation and tried their level best to help the Indian groups whereas you see the Indian media without the investigation took place started blaming Pakistan hours after the attack! how immature and stupid.
White House has claimed Pakistan is not involved in the Mumbai attacks. The Entire Pakistan is well aware of the Indian tactics and lies they have identified and caught Indian RAW agents operating and they are right now trying to help control this dirty Indians trying to cash in on Israels tricks.

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World Aids Day – One minute of silence


Not too long ago, I overheard a conversation. Two people were chatting about Aids, and about the attention the disease receives from the media.”It seems they can’t talk about nothing else then HIV and Aids. I am getting sick and tired of it.”

The remarks made me sad, as South Africa is one of the countries most affected by the Aids pandemic. My opinion on the matter is quite simple: as long as people are still dying en masse, as long as  the infection rate is sky high, as long as the illness robs children from their parents, and as long as grandparents have to take care of their grandchildren because their own children have died and unless there is not yet a cure HIV/AIDSshould get all the attention it can possibly get.

Because the statistics do not leave anything to the imagination: According to a report by the United Nations, an estimated 33.2 million people were living with HIV in 2007. Half of them were women, 2,5 million were children. That same year was good for 2,5 million new infections and 2,1 million Aids related deaths.In other words, each day 6800 get infected and 5700 die of the disease.

Although Sub-Saharan Africa is the epicenter of the pandemic, the west is not spared by HIV/AIDS. In North America, for instance, 1,3 million people are living with the condition. Furthermore, 2007 was good for 46 000 new infections in this part of the world and 21 000 deaths.

One of the main conclusions of the report is that AIDS is  global and not a regional problem, and that everyone can get infected. Old news? Definitely, but that does not make the message less important. On the contrary.

So pay your respect tomorrow during World Aids Day, and have a minute of silence to those affected: to the people who died, are infected, or lost their loved ones as a result of HIV/AIDS. Because you know what? You could have been or could be a statistic too, whether it is a new infection, a new death or someone losing a loved one …