It’s Official: Bush Is Objectively The Most Hated President In History

Congratulations to George W. Bush and the Republican Party for another historic milestone set by the Great Leader:

At 39 months in the doghouse, George W. Bush has surpassed Harry Truman’s record as the postwar president to linger longest without majority public approval.

Bush hasn’t received majority approval for his work in office in ABC News/Washington Post polls since Jan. 16, 2005 three years and three months ago. The previous record was Truman’s during his last 38 months in office.

And the Torturer-in-Chief/Loser-of-Two-Wars has another 8 months to pad his record. Why all the BDS?

His rating specifically on handling the war in Iraq is equally poor — 33 percent approve, 65 percent disapprove — and on the economy it’s even worse, with a record 70 percent disapproval.

It’s the war and the economy, stupid. Good luck with that (R) next to your name, St. McCain. And every other Gooper for the next several election cycles for that matter.

And here’s why St. McCain is really screwed:

Just 7 percent of Democrats approve of his work overall (a point from the low in this group) compared with 74 percent of Republicans. (Fewer Republicans, 59 percent, approve of his work on the economy, a career low.)

St. McCain can’t run against Bush because he’ll piss off the fraction of the population he desperately needs to win: the delusional Bush dead-enders known as the Republican base, who think everything is just awesome and King George is George Washington. My question is: how many wars does Bush have to lose, how bad does the economy have to get, how many US cities have to drown, how many laws does Bush have to break before Republicans finally disown this loser?

But this is what warms my heart. All those “average Americans” that David Brooks, George Will and David Broder are always talking about really, really hate Bush too.

The balance, as often is the case in U.S. politics, is tipped by the political center. Just 27 percent of independents and 23 percent of moderates approve of his job performance, the latter a career low for the president.