Terrorists Killing Pakistanis With Indian / American Weapons

Finally, the military admits what Pakistan’s pro-U.S. government has been hiding for months. The weapons that the terrorists – the fake Pakistani Taliban – are using to kill Pakistanis are coming from U.S. and India. Some members of the Karzai puppet regime have privately confirmed to Pakistani officials that they are incapable of stopping Indian terrorist activities on Afghan soil. Read the rest of this entry »


All The Contact Number of PPP TOP LeaderShip Including Benazir Bhutto

All The Contact Number of PPP TOP LeaderShip Including Benazir Bhutto

Following is the contact information for Pakistan Peoples Party that we have gathered from the Internet.

Ms Sherry Rehman
Information Minister
051-9224129, 021-5834663-4, 0300-8222881, Personal Mobile: 0300-5001420
E-mail: centralinformationsecretary@gmail.com

Mr. Babar Awan
051-2823778, 2276540,
0320-4265000, Personal Mobile: 0300-5000161
E-mail: drbabarawan@hotmail.com

Mr. Farhatullah Babar
Assistant to Mohtarma
Personal Mobile 0300-8552543

Senator Mohammad Enver Baig
Tel: 2206778, Mobile: 0300-8542308; Fax: 2201107
E-mail: manpower@isb.apollo.net.pk

Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto
051-2282781, 2255264, Fax 2282741
Personal Mobile (old number) 0300-5000001 (might not be available on
this but her secretary Awan will probably be.)

E-mail: ppp@comsats.net.pk

Makhdoom Amin Fahim
Vice Chairman

021-5842140, 0228-31199, 051-2840588,

E-mail: csppp@comsats.net.pk

Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani
Vice Chairman
061-542424, 0300-8448141, 8730662; 042-5723234.
E-mail : makhdoomyrgillani@hotmail.com

Mr. Jehangir Bader
Secretary General
0300-8470402; 051-2276014, Fax 051-2276016.

E-mail: bader@brain.net.pk

Mian Raza Rabbani
Deputy Secretary General
021-5865841-2, 0300-9291624, 051-9223854.

E-mail: rrabbani@cyber.net.pk

Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi
Deputy Secretary General and President PPP Punjab
061-4514666, 042-5712289, 0300-8634453,

E-mail: smhq148@hotmail.com

Mr. Sajjad Bokhari
Deputy Information Secretary
Tel: 042-63714559, 0300-8446754,

E-mail: pppintl@lhr.paknet.com.pk

Mr. Babar Awan
051-2823778, 2276540,
0320-4265000 Personal Mobile: 0300-5000141
E-mail: drbabarawan@hotmail.com

Central Secretariat
Pakistan Peoples Party
E-mail: csppp@comsats.net.pk
Tel: (92-51) 2276014-5